About Us

Simby is set to be a digital WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) marketplace connecting suitable business partners using modern digital technology and machine learning. Simby main mission is to exponentiate circular economics into the waste management of companies of electronic equipment's. It allows individuals and businesses to sell their unwanted or end-of-life electronic devices.

Producer:have a centralized place to sale your surplus, broken or obsolete equipment’s assuring compliance with all UE regulations and reducing your global carbon footprint. With Simby, you could boost or start a new line of revenue, with e-auctions of their equipment batches. We provide you access to global analytics on equipment and valuable metals.

Recycler: have access to a much wider client leads and operate more globally within the European Union Market. With Simby you have the opportunity to grow your revenues and get access to other source of analytics on equipment and valuable metals info.

Additional Services

Simby could provide you additional services to manage your WEEE.

Data wiping: we may ensure that personal information and sensitive data are securely erased from the devices before they are resold or recycled.

Recycling Certificates:we provide you a certificate attesting that your WEEE have been recycling with information about the destiny of the equipment or the disposals.

Certification and grading:we may may offer certification and grading your devices before auction take places to ensure that they are in good condition.

Shipping and logistics:with our partners, we could manage and provide the entire shipping and logistic service, according to the legislation in place.



how it works

1. Upload some pictures and description of your equipment to our website.

2. Receive an estimate of the minimum amount in less than 24 hours.

3. Drop off your equipment at one of our local delivery partners.

4. Wait for the auction and receive the highest amount (our quote or highest bid).

+50 Equipments

how it works

1. We'll collect one sample to analyze in our lab, and that model will be added to our database.

2. We'll manage a countdown auction, ensuring competition bidding.

3. We'll collect and transport all your equipment and deliver that to the auction winner.

4. Receive your money.

Our Team

Meet our truly dedicated team.

José Carlos Carvalho

Finance and Supply Chain

+12 years experience in e-waste management

+20 years experience in Finance and Supply Chain

Filipe Gonçalves

Digital and Innovation Project Manager

+10 years experience in project management and entrepreneurship

Nuno Novo

Banking, Trading and Real Estate

+22 years experience in Investment Banking


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